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Imagine being a kid in a candy store – so many sweet treats, it’s a dream come true. But as you grow older, all those choices can feel overwhelming. Staring at your Warframe character list is kinda same.

Just pick a new Warframe, and you’re good to go.

WarFrame Tier List

But wait, that’s a pretty overwhelming choice too, right? No worries, we’ve got your back with our super cool Warframe tier list, sorting the best from the rest—the Warframes from the Wardrains. Sorry for the lame joke, let’s move on.

Warframe Tier S

Nova: This glass cannon packs a punch. She can slow enemies and make them explode, create portals, and cause massive area damage. That earns her the top spot in WarFrame Tier List.

Octavia: Who knew a music-based Warframe could be so powerful? Boosted by noise, Octavia’s got some seriously strong abilities. But be warned, she’s not the easiest to master in this WarFrame Tier List.

Rhino: A true beast! Rhino’s perfect for beginners, boasting incredible resilience and damage resistance. His only downside? He’s not the flashiest of Warframes.

Trinity: The ultimate support Warframe! Trinity can heal, redirect damage, and even replenish energy. Just watch out for her low armor.

Mesa: Mesa’s a damage-dealing machine, with an ultimate that auto-targets enemies and deals massive damage. Plus, she can reflect damage to counter her weak armor.

Ivara: Ivara’s versatile, with a powerful bow and invisibility. She’s perfect for stealth missions but doesn’t excel in any one specific area.

Inaros: A self-healing tank with tricks up his sleeve, Inaros can buff his defense and wipe out armies of enemies. But mastering his abilities takes practice.

Chroma: This colorful Warframe’s abilities change based on its color. It’s a bit complex but it excels as a tank. Earning him the last spot in S tier of this WarFrame Tier List.

Warframe Tier A

Ash: Simple but deadly, Ash’s ultimate auto-kills enemies, though his stealth ability is a bit lackluster.

Banshee: Loud and proud, Banshee marks weak points, stuns enemies, and unleashes AoE attacks. But she’s a bit squishy.

Equinox: With two stances to switch between, Equinox is super versatile, but modding for both sides is challenging.

Excalibur: A great starter Warframe that becomes a powerful late game. But unless you’re a founding player, no Prime version for you.

Harrow: A solid support class with abilities that drain opponents and boost you. However, it requires optimal play to shine.

Hydroid: A crowd control expert with some powerful abilities. Best with the Pilfering Swarm mod, but it’s hard to get.

Loki: The ultimate stealth Warframe, Loki’s tricky to pin down, but his ultimate isn’t always effective against certain enemies.

Nidus: A tanky Warframe that gets stronger as the fight goes on, but takes time to build momentum.

Valkyr: A melee monster with great buffs and debuffs, but uses lots of energy, so manage it well.

Tier C

Frost: Frost is decent at defending an area, but that’s about it. A bit of a snoozer in this Warframe tier list.

Gara: Gara is quirky! Great at confusing enemies and holding down areas, but it takes some getting used to.

Khora: Khora’s pet is pretty cool but can be a bit clueless at times. It’s good for damage and healing, but not the best.

Mag: Mag is a neat little support class that can group enemies together and boosts allies. However, don’t expect massive damage output.

Mirage: Mirage is skilled at dodging attacks. Its abilities are a mixed bag, sometimes being amazing and other times falling flat.

Oberon: Oberon is an okay-ish support Warframe. It has a fair mix of damage dealing and healing, but there are stronger options out there.

Saryn: Saryn is a decent killer with solid AoE attacks. It’s good in some late-game fights, but the combos take time to build up.

Vauban: Vauban keeps things simple as a defense class. That’s pretty much it.

Volt: Volt is a fun support class for your teammates. It can buff team attacks and move quickly, but the damage buff is a tad tricky to use.

Zephyr: Zephyr is a master at staying airborne and looking cool. However, its abilities are a bit harder to use than ideal.

Tier D

Atlas: Atlas has some interesting stone-based skills, but most are rather useless. Earning him the first spot in D Tier in this WarFrame Tier List.

Ember: Ember is a basic damage dealer. Not bad for crowd control, but not that great either.

Nezha: Nezha is like a faster but weaker Rhino. Sadly, it lacks the toughness to compete.

Nyx: Nyx is an average crowd-control Warframe. It needs a little extra oomph to be worth considering.

Titania: This character is all over the place…

Wukong: Wukong has a nifty staff but falls short in other aspects. This character is might be the most unwanted in this WarFrame Tier List.

Tier ???

Nekros: Nekros is a bizarre class, great for grinding loot but dull in everything else. It’s bad unless you need loot, which you will. So, is it good? Your guess is as good as ours.

And there you have it. An entertaining take on the Warframe tier list, featuring simple words and a lively tone.

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