WarioWare: Get it Together New Tier List

WarioWare: Get It Together, the tenth installment of the series launched in 2021, focuses on accomplishing various objectives within an array of microgames. Players can employ the unique abilities of the characters to conquer these microgames.

The game offers character advancement and customization, adding a personal touch to the gameplay. WarioWare: Get It Together can be enjoyed on the Nintendo Switch console.

The game’s characters are distributed into different tiers, each tier representing their prowess in the game. The cream of the crop in the S tier is Penny and Dr. Crygor, ensuring superior performance. Wario and Jimmy T stand out in the A tier, while Red and Master Mantis take the lead in the B tier.

Pyoro and Lulu occupy the C tier, whereas 9-Volt and 5-Volt are positioned in the D tier.

WarioWare: Get it Together Teir List

S- Tier

Dr. Crygor

A- Tier

WarioWare: Get it Together
Jimmy T
Dribble And Spitz

B- Tier

Master Mantis
Young Cricket

C- Tier


D- Tier

Kat and Ana

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