XCOM 2 Console Commands (Cheats)

XCOM 2 is a vibrant community of players and modders and have cooked up a plethora of fun and interesting modifications to keep your XCOM 2 experience fresh. But to access these gems, you first need to know how to turn on the command console. Don’t worry, it’s a breeze and I’ll walk you through it.

Imagine being able to teleport your units anywhere, to turn on or off the fog of war, or even to make your soldiers invincible. There’s a grand total of 38 of these cheat codes, giving you a buffet of possibilities to tinker with. Even the seemingly mundane items, like pistols and hair triggers, can be manipulated at your whim.

However, it’s important to remember that some of these codes only work in specific parts of the game. Codes tagged with “Avenger” and “Mission” only work in those areas, and some codes need specific DLCs to function.

Here is how you can use this on Steam.

For Steam users:

  1. Launch Steam.
  2. Go to your Library.
  3. Right-click on XCOM 2 and select “Properties.”
  4. Click on the “General” tab.
  5. Click on “Set Launch Options.”
  6. Type “-allowconsole” in the box and press “Ok.”

Voila! You’ve enabled the command console in XCOM 2. To open it in-game, press the ~ key (right below the Esc key). If that doesn’t work, try the \ key.

Want more? If you want a debug feature or a log window, just type “-autodebug” or “-log” in the launch options box.

For Non-Steam users:

  1. Locate the game’s install location. The default paths are C:\Program Files\XCOM 2 or C:\Program Files (x86)\XCOM 2.
  2. Navigate to the folder: Binaries\Win64\Launcher.
  3. Find “ModLauncherWPF.exe” and create a shortcut.
  4. Right-click on the new shortcut, select “Properties.”
  5. In the “Target” section, add a space at the end and type “-allowconsole.”
  6. Click “Apply” and close the window.

Remember to always use this shortcut to launch XCOM 2. Once in the game, press ~ or \ to open the command console.

And there you have it! You’re now a certified wizard of XCOM 2 modifications. Have fun exploring the wonders of the command console. And remember: the world is your oyster—or in this case, your XCOM 2 command console.

xcom 2

XCOM 2 Console Commands (Cheats)

GiveResourcegiveresource [resource id] [amount]The giveresource console command will give you the resources in the game. But you must have one particular resource available at your side in order to get the new one. And you are able to provide the number of required resources in XCOM 2. For example, if you need 8 particular resources then you can write 10 in the syntax.
AddItemadditem [item id] [amount]The additem console command will provide you with the game item. You can give the required number of that particular item in the syntax of the command.
GiveHackRewardgivehackreward [hack reward id]The give hack reward console command is used to get the hack rewards of the tiers of game. You can write the hack reward and tier number in syntax to get the hack reward of that specific tier.
GiveActionPointsgiveactionpoints [amount]The give action points will provide the action points to your hero or your team. You have the option to give the required number of action points.
GiveScientistgivescientist [level]The give scientist console command is used to get a scientist of the game level. You can specify the level for which you want the scientist. But keep in mind that this scientist will replace your current scientist.
GiveEngineergiveengineer [level]The give engineer console command is used to get an engineer of the game level. You can specify the level for which you want the scientist. But the most important thing to note is that this engineer will replace your current engineer.
GiveTechgivetech [tech id]This XCOM 2 command helps you to research a particular technology in the game. You can write the name of desired technology to research in the syntax.
GiveFacilitygivefacility [facility id] [avenger/map index]The give facility console command will provide you the facility with in the game. You can specify the position where you want to get the facility. Buy you must not have a facility available on the same position. Otherwise the command will be useless.
SetSoldierStatsetsoldierstat [stat id] [value] [soldier name] [0 / 1]The SetSoldierStat console command is used to set any particular stat of your hero. You have to provide hero name, id and stat in the syntax of command, you want to set the value for. And you ca also specify that what value to set.
MakeSoldierAClassmakesoldieraclass [“soldier name”] [class id]The MakeSoldierAClass console command helps you to give a name to a soldier or to make a new class of the soldier. You must specify the soldier name and class id in the syntax.
RemoveFortressDoomremovefortressdoom [amount]The RemoveFortressDoom console command in XCOM 2 is used to wipe out the doom. You can specify the desired doom number to remove.
ForceCompleteObjectiveforcecompleteobjective [objective id]The ForceCompleteObjective helps to complete a particular objective or puzzle during the game mission. You have to specify ID of that particular objective.
endbattleendbattle [0 / 1]If you have completed all the quests and objectives of the mission then you can use the endbattle console command in XCOM 2 to finish the mission. But point to be noted is that you must have complete the objectives otherwise you will be considered as a loser.
BondSoldiersbondsoldiers [“soldier name”] [“soldier name”] [true / false]The BondSoldiers command is used to make a bond between two soldiers. Or you have the option to end their bond using this command. You have to write true to make bond and false the end the bond in the syntax of command.
SkipAIskipaiThe SkipAI command is mainly used in turn-based battles. By using this command, you can skip the turn of artificial intelligence and it turns out to be your turn again.
PowerUppowerupThe PowerUp console command helps you to enable or disable the god mode in the game. If you have already disabled the god mode than the command will enable it.
TakeNoDamagetakenodamageBu using the TakeNoDamage console command, you can disable the toggles. This way your soldiers will not take any damage from the enemies. And if you have already disabled it, the command will then enable the toggles for you.
ToggleUnlimitedActionstoggleunlimitedactionsYou can turn on the unlimited actions in XCOM 2 with the help of this console command without being using the action points. Nd the same goes for the artificial intelligence’s turn.
ForceCritHitsforcecrithitsForceCritHits console command is used to enable the critical hits for you and your team. If you have already enabled it, the command will disable the critical hits.
GiveContinentBonusgivecontinentbonus [continent bonus id]The GiveContinentBonus command will help you in getting the continent bonus in XCOM 2. You have to specify the name of desired bonus you are looking for in the command syntax.
ToggleUnlimitedAmmotoggleunlimitedammoToggleUnlimitedAmmo is used to get the unlimited ammo for your weaponry and the artificial intelligence will also get the unlimited ammo once you use this command.
ToggleFOWtogglefowThere may be a Fog of War appearing on your game screen and you will not be able to see the distant locations in XCOM 2. The ToggleFOW command helps you to disable or enable the Fog of War toggles.
ToggleSquadConcealmenttogglesquadconcealmentToggleSquadConcealment is used to hide the location of your soldiers from the enemies to get yourself protected from them.
TTCttcThere may be a Fog of War appears on your game screen and you will not be able to see the distant locations. The ToggleFOW command helps you to disable or enable the Fog of War toggles.
TATCtatcThe TATC console command is used to transport all the units of soldiers from one point of the map to the other in a rapid instant.
LevelUpBarrackslevelupbarracks [amount]LevelUpBarracks console command in XCOM 2 is used to level up the soldiers of your squad. You have to specify the barrack number of soldiers in the syntax to increase their level.
HealAllSoldiershealallsoldiersHealAllSoldiers command will provide healing to your soldiers which will improve their health points.
GiveFactionSoldiersgivefactionsoldiersBy using the GiveFactionSoldiers command, you can call the soldiers from different units or groups for the battle.
GiveAbilityChargesgiveabilitychargesYou can use the GiveAbilityCharges console command in XCOM 2 to get the new abilities for your soldiers.
RestartLevelrestartlevelIf you think that you are not up to the mark in a particular XCOM 2 mission, then you can use the RestartLevel command to start the mission again from the starting point.
RestartLevelWithSameSeedrestartlevelwithsameseedThe RestartLevelWithSameSeed command will restart the XCOM 2 mission from your current point or location.
pausepauseThe pause console command in XCOM 2 is used to pause or unpause the current mission of your game.
sloMoslomo [multiplier]The sloMo command will slow down or fasten the speed of the game. It depends on you that what you want. You can specify the figure of speed in the syntax.
screenshotscreenshotIf you want to take a screenshot in XCOM 2, then you can use this command. This will take a screenshot and saves into your system.
listtextureslisttexturesThe listtextures console command is used to load the texture files of the game.
listsoundslistsoundsIf you want to load the sound files of the game, then you can use the listsounds console command.
ToggleRaintogglerainIf there is rain in XCOM 2 then you can use this console command to disable the rain and can be enabled as well if needed.
ChangeListchangelistIf there is rain in the game then you can use this console command to disable the rain and can be enabled as well if needed.

XCOM 2 AddItem ID List

Item NameItem ID
Alien AlloysAlienAlloy
Elerium CoreEleriumCore
Elerium CrystalsEleriumDust
Magnetic RifleAssaultRifle_MG
Plasma RifleAssaultRifle_BM
Mag CannonCannon_MG
Beam CannonCannon_BM
Mag PistolPistol_MG
Beam PistolPistol_BM
Advanced Psi AmpPsiAmp_MG
Alien Psi AmpPsiAmp_BM
Shard ShotgunShotgun_MG
Storm ShotgunShotgun_BM
Gauss RifleSniperRifle_MG
Plasma LanceSniperRifle_BM
Arc BladeSword_MG
Fusion BladeSword_BM
Advanced Grenade LauncherGrenadeLauncher_MG
Blaster LauncherBlasterLauncher
Hellfire PorjectorFlamethrowerMk2
Plasma BlasterPlasmaBlaster
Shredder GunShredderGun
Shredstorm CannonShredstormCannon
Plasma GrenadeAlienGrenade
Acid GrenadeAcidGrenade
Acid BombAcidGrenadeMk2
EMP GrenadeEMPGrenade
EMP BombEMPGrenadeMk2
Incendiary GrenadeFirebomb
Incendiary BombFirebombMk2
Flashbang GrenadeFlashbangGrenade
Gas GrenadeGasGrenade
Gas BombGasGrenadeMk2
Proximity MineProximityMine
Smoke GrenadeSmokeGrenade
Smoke BombSmokeGrenadeMk2
AP RoundsApRounds
Bluescreen RoundsBluescreenRounds
Dragon RoundsIncendiaryRounds
Talon RoundsTalonRounds
Tracer RoundsTracerRounds
Venom RoundsVenomRounds
Hazmat VestHazmatVest
Nanoscale VestNanoFibreVest
Plated VestPlatedVest
Stasis VestStasisVest
EXO SuitHeavyPlatedArmor
Spider SuitLightPlatedArmor
Predator ArmorMediumPlatedArmor
W.A.R. SuitHeavyPoweredArmor
Wraith SuitLightPoweredArmor
Warden ArmorMediumPoweredArmor
Battle ScannerBattleScanner
Overdrive SerumCombatStims
Mind ShieldMindShield
Mimic BeaconMimicBeacon
Advent MEC WreckCorpseAdventMEC
Advent Officer CorpseCorpseAdventOfficer
Avatar CorpseCorpseAdventPsiWitch
Advent Shieldbearer CorpseCorpseAdventShieldbearer
Advent Stun Lancer CorpseCorpseAdventStunLancer
Advent Trooper CorpseCorpseAdventTrooper
Advent Turret WreckCorpseAdventTurret
Andromedon CorpseCorpseAndromedon
Archon CorpseCorpseArchon
Berserker CorpseCorpseBerserker
Chryssalid CorpseCorpseChryssalid
Codex BrainCorpseCyberus
Faceless CorpseCorpseFaceless
Gatekeeper CorpseCorpseGatekeeper
Muton CorpseCorpseMuton
Sectoid CorpseCorpseSectoid
Sectopod CorpseCorpseSectopod
Viper CorpseCorpseViper
Advanced ScopeAimUpgrade_adv
Superior ScopeAimUpgrade_sup
Advanced Expanded MagazineClipsizeUpgrade_adv
Expanded MagazineClipsizeUpgrade_bsc
Superior Expanded MagazineClipsizeUpgrade_sup
Advanced Laser SightCritUpgrade_adv
Laser SightCritUpgrade_bsc
Superior Laser SightCritUpgrade_sup
Advanced Hair TriggerFreeFireUpgrade_adv
Hair TriggerFreeFireUpgrade_bsc
Superior Hair TriggerFreeFireUpgrade_sup
Advanced RepeaterFreeKillUpgrade_adv
Superior RepeaterFreeKillUpgrade_sup
Advanced StockMissDamageUpgrade_adv
Superior StockMissDamageUpgrade_sup
Advanced Auto-LoaderReloadUpgrade_adv
Superior Auto-LoaderReloadUpgrade_sup
Epic AgilityEpicPCSAgility
Epic ConditioningEpicPCSConditioning
Epic FocusEpicPCSFocus
Epic PerceptionEpicPCSPerception
Epic SpeedEpicPCSSpeed
Advanced AgilityRarePCSAgility
Advanced ConditioningRarePCSConditioning
Advanced FocusRarePCSFocus
Advanced PerceptionRarePCSPerception
Advanced SpeedRarePCSSpeed
SPARK BIT Shen’s Last GiftSparkBit_CV
SPARK BIT Mark II Shen’s Last GiftSparkBit_MG
SPARK BIT Mark III Shen’s Last GiftSparkBit_BM
Hunter���s Axe Alien HuntersAlienHunterAxe_CV
Ionic Axe Alien HuntersAlienHunterAxe_MG
Fusion Axe Alien HuntersAlienHunterAxe_BM
Shadowkeeper Alien HuntersAlienHunterPistol_CV
Enhanced Shadowkeeper Alien HuntersAlienHunterPistol_MG
Powered Shadowkeeper Alien HuntersAlienHunterPistol_BM
Bolt Caster Alien HuntersAlienHunterRifle_CV
Magnetic Bolt Caster Alien HuntersAlienHunterRifle_MG
Powered Bolt Caster Alien HuntersAlienHunterRifle_BM
Frost Bomb Alien HuntersFrostbomb
R.A.G.E. Suit Alien HuntersHeavyAlienArmor
R.A.G.E. Armor Alien HuntersHeavyAlienArmorMk2
Serpent Suit Alien HuntersLightAlienArmor
Serpent Armor Alien HuntersLightAlienArmorMk2
Icarus Armor Alien HuntersMediumAlienArmor
Icarus Armor (Grounds Upgrade) Alien HuntersMediumAlienArmorMk2
Archon King Corpse Alien HuntersCorpseArchonKing
Berserker Queen Corpse Alien HuntersCorpseBerserkerQueen
Viper King Corpse Alien HuntersCorpseViperKing
Ability Point WOTCAbilitypoint
Disruptor Rifle WOTCChosenRifle_XCOM
Arashi WOTCChosenShotgun_XCOM
Darkclaw WOTCChosenSniperPistol_XCOM
Darklance WOTCChosenSniperRifle_XCOM
Katana WOTCChosenSword_XCOM
Claymore WOTCReaper_Claymore
Temnotic Rifle WOTCVektorRifle_MG
Shadow Lance WOTCVektorRifle_BM
Kal-15 Bullpup WOTCBullpup_MG
Kal-90 Bullpup WOTCBullpup_BM
Ionic Ripjack WOTCWristBlade_MG
Fusion Ripjack WOTCWristBlade_BM
Tempest Gauntlets WOTCShardGauntlet_MG
Celestial Gauntlets WOTCShardGauntlet_BM
Plated Reaper Armor WOTCPlatedReaperArmor
Powered Reaper Armor WOTCPoweredReaperArmor
Plated Skirmisher Armor WOTCPlatedSkirmisherArmor
Powered Skirmisher Armor WOTCPoweredSkirmisherArmor
Plated Templar Armor WOTCPlatedTemplarArmor
Powered Templar Armor WOTCPoweredTemplarArmor
Refraction Field WOTCRefractionField
Sustaining Sphere WOTCSustainingSphere
Ultrasonic Lure WOTCUltrasonicLure
Advent Priest Corpse WOTCCorpseAdventPriest
Advent Purifier Corpse WOTCCorpseAdventPurifier
Spectre Corpse WOTCCorpseSpectre
The Lost Corpse WOTCCorpseTheLost
Old-world Assault Rifle WOTC: Tactical LegacyTLE_AssaultRifle_CV
Improvised Magnetic Rifle WOTC: Tactical LegacyTLE_AssaultRifle_MG
Prototype Plasma Rifle WOTC: Tactical LegacyTLE_AssaultRifle_BM
Light machine Gun WOTC: Tactical LegacyTLE_Cannon_CV
Magnetic Support Cannon WOTC: Tactical LegacyTLE_Cannon_MG
Energy Cannon WOTC: Tactical LegacyTLE_Cannon_BM
Traditional Handgun WOTC: Tactical LegacyTLE_Pistol_CV
Rail Pistol WOTC: Tactical LegacyTLE_Pistol_MG
Energy Pistol WOTC: Tactical LegacyTLE_Pistol_BM
Marksman Rifle WOTC: Tactical LegacyTLE_SniperRifle_CV
Anti-Materiel Rifle WOTC: Tactical LegacyTLE_SniperRifle_MG
Energy AMR WOTC: Tactical LegacyTLE_SniperRifle_BM
Scattergun WOTC: Tactical LegacyTLE_Shotgun_CV
Augmented Shotgun WOTC: Tactical LegacyTLE_Shotgun_MG
Energy Sweeper WOTC: Tactical LegacyTLE_Shotgun_BM
Traditional Sword WOTC: Tactical LegacyTLE_Sword_CV
Experimental Blade WOTC: Tactical LegacyTLE_Sword_MG
Advanced Blade WOTC: Tactical LegacyTLE_Sword_BM
Improvised Ranger Field Armor WOTC: Tactical LegacyRangerKevlarArmor
Enhanced Ranger Field Armor WOTC: Tactical LegacyRangerPlatedArmor
Powered Ranger Field Armor WOTC: Tactical LegacyRangerPoweredArmor
Improvised Specialist Field Armor WOTC: Tactical LegacySpecialistKevlarArmor
Enhanced Specialist Field Armor WOTC: Tactical LegacySpecialistPlatedArmor
Powered Specialist Field Armor WOTC: Tactical LegacySpecialistPoweredArmor
Improvised Grenadier Field Armor WOTC: Tactical LegacyGrenadierKevlarArmor
Enhanced Grenadier Field Armor WOTC: Tactical LegacyGrenadierPlatedArmor
Powered Grenadier Field Armor WOTC: Tactical LegacyGrenadierPoweredArmor
Improvised Sharpshooter Field Armor WOTC: Tactical LegacySharpshooterKevlarArmor
Enhanced Sharpshooter Field Armor WOTC: Tactical LegacySharpshooterPlatedArmor
Powered Sharpshooter Field Armor WOTC: Tactical LegacySharpshooterPoweredArmor
Improvised Psi Operative Field Armor WOTC: Tactical LegacyPsiOperativeKevlarArmor
Enhanced Psi Operative Field Armor WOTC: Tactical LegacyPsiOperativePlatedArmor
Powered Psi Operative Field Armor WOTC: Tactical LegacyPsiOperativePoweredArmor

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