Twisted Metal New TV Show & Video Game Characters

One of Sony Interactive Entertainment’s most iconic video game franchises, Twisted Metal, is transitioning from the virtual world to the live-action realm. This ambitious endeavor, taking form as a series on Peacock, promises an intriguing adaptation of a game that has kept fans at the edge of their seats for years.

Set in a desolate post-apocalyptic landscape, the Twisted Metal TV Show introduces us to John Doe, a milkman tormented by amnesia. As he grapples with his forgotten past, he’s entrusted with a high-stakes mission: delivering a cryptic package while contending with merciless marauders and their deadly vehicles.

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All Twisted Metal TV Show Cast and Video Game Characters

  1. Anthony Mackie steps into the shoes of the protagonist, John Doe. While video game enthusiasts will recognize John Doe from “Twisted Metal: Black” as a former government agent, Mackie brings fresh nuance to the role. The actor, celebrated for his portrayal of Sam Wilson, also known as Falcon/Captain America in the MCU, proves to be a fitting choice.
  2. Quiet, an original character created for the series, finds life through Stephanie Beatriz. As a car thief wielding an axe, Quiet aids John in uncovering his true identity. Beatriz, with her diverse roles in “Encanto” and “Brooklyn Nine-Nine,” adds depth to the character.
  3. Samoa Joe transforms into Sweet Tooth, the game’s menacing clown antagonist. While gamers know him better as Needles Kane, the show accentuates his threatening nature, making him a formidable obstacle in John’s quest.
  4. The voice behind Sweet Tooth’s chilling laughter belongs to Will Arnett, renowned for his work in “The LEGO Movie” and “BoJack Horseman.”
  5. Thomas Haden Church portrays Agent Stone, a former police officer leading a band of renegade cops, reminiscent of James Bond’s charisma.
  6. Wearing gothic attire, Neve Campbell plays Raven, a character with a deep-seated obsession with her namesake bird. Not only does she hire John Doe for his perilous journey, but she’s also a callback to “Twisted Metal: Black.”
  7. Richard Cabral is Loud, an original character for the show, standing alongside his sister Quiet as they navigate the treacherous world of Twisted Metal.
  8. Mike Mitchell and Tahj Vaughans drive the monstrous Hammerhead, while Lou Beatty Jr. revs up as Tommy, the enigmatic driver of Roadkill.
  9. OTHERS: The ensemble cast expands with Michael Carollo (Carl Roberts), Chloe Fineman (Bloody Mary), Jason Mantzoukas (Preacher), Jamie Neumann (Miranda Watts), Diany Rodriguez (Amber), Jared Bankens (Agent Shepard), Angel Giuffria (Tinker), Matthew Rimmer (Bill the NSF Guard), and Creek Wilson (Mr. Slam). Wrapping up our impressive roster, Peg O’Keef embodies the fierce Granny Dread, and Wanetah Walmsley captures the essence of Amy, Sweet Tooth’s mother.

History behind the Twisted Metal video game series

Twisted Metal, initially launched in 1995, is one of the longest-running and most popular vehicular combat franchises.

Developed by SingleTrac and later by Incognito Entertainment, it became a defining series for PlayStation. The games are known for their dark stories, each centering on a vehicular combat tournament where participants battle for a chance to have a single wish granted by the mysterious Calypso.

Is Twisted Metal TV Show good?

Twisted Metal’s gameplay is centered on vehicular combat where players choose a vehicle and an arena to engage in battles against AI or other players.

The live-action adaptation takes inspiration from the game’s rich storylines, character backstories, and chaotic world, rather than trying to directly replicate the in-game mechanics. However, fans can expect thrilling chase sequences, intense vehicle battles, and a heavy dose of the series’ signature dark humor.

So, if you liked Fast & Furious and Mission Impossible’s car chase scenes, you’d love Twisted Metal.

Past Attempts To Adapt Games in Hollywood

Yes, there have been numerous adaptations of video games into TV series and films. Some notable examples include “Resident Evil,” “Tomb Raider,” “The Witcher” (adapted from both the books and the game series), and “Assassin’s Creed.”

The success of these adaptations has varied.

While some, like “The Witcher” TV series on Netflix, have been critically acclaimed and widely embraced by fans, others have faced criticism for not staying true to the source material or for lacking in cinematic quality.

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The challenge often lies in translating interactive experiences to passive storytelling mediums while retaining the essence of the original game.


The transition of Twisted Metal from a video game to a show is no small feat, and with such a star-studded cast, fans are in for an enthralling ride. While the characters in the Twisted Metal video game provided a foundation, this live-action iteration promises to weave its own captivating tale, cementing its place in the annals of entertainment.

Who is producing the Twisted Metal live-action series?

The live-action series of Twisted Metal is a product of Peacock, in collaboration with Sony Interactive Entertainment.

Is the character ‘Quiet’ from the show based on any character from the Twisted Metal video game series?

No, ‘Quiet’ is an original character created specifically for the live-action series.

How closely does the show follow the storyline of the Twisted Metal video games?

While the show retains core elements and characters from the video games, it introduces new characters and plots, offering a fresh perspective for Twisted Metal Video Game fans.

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