Vampire: The Masquerade – The Unveiling of Nocturnal Justice

Embark on an odyssey as a denizen of the night, a vampire, weaving your clandestine path through shadows, savoring the essence of mortals and kindred alike.

Delve into a somber central storyline replete with sundry ancillary quests and multifaceted dialogic choices, immersing yourself in the enigmatic ambiance of Venice, shrouded in darkness within the expansive realm of Vampire: The Masquerade – Justice, an enthralling first-person solo Adventure RPG entrenched in the intriguing World of Darkness.


Conceal your presence with the shroud-like embrace of the Cloak of Shadows, subject your prey to the scalding fervor of the Cauldron of Blood, or ensnare them in the Abyss using the Shadow Trap. Sate your unyielding Hunger by imbibing the lifeblood of mortals and vampiric kin alike. Employ your forearm-mounted crossbow not only for combat but also to untangle intricate puzzles.


Commence your journey as a formidable vampire yet elevate your prowess through the acquisition and enhancement of diverse disciplines within skill trees, spanning stealth, combat, and high-speed traversal. Traverse the expansive landscape, undertake missions, and fulfill optional objectives to accrue experience points, metamorphosing into the quintessential arbiter of Justice.


Reveal the contours of a clandestine conspiracy, unfurling within a Venice that eludes the conventional tourist gaze. Navigate through dimly lit thoroughfares, blood-soaked waterways, forgotten catacombs, and lavish palazzos on your quest to unveil the assassin of your progenitor. Immerse yourself in the gritty central narrative, interspersed with myriad side quests, where your interactions with non-playable characters and decisions coalesce to bring you closer to the elusive truth.

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Vampire: The Masquerade – Justice will be available on Steam VR on February 6.

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