Arms Trade Tycoon: Tanks Reign of Steel Warriors

Embark on a riveting odyssey with “Tank Thunder,” an arms trade simulation that catapults you into the heart of a cutting-edge tank manufacturing and distribution empire.

Dive headfirst into the epic saga of tank warfare, steering your company through the volatile seas of history. From the primordial clashes of armored combat to the intricacies of contemporary battlegrounds, your strategic choices echo through the ages. Rise as the supreme Arms Tycoon, dominating markets, and leaving an indelible mark on the canvas of global conflict.

Game Features:

Infernal Tank Designs:
Unleash your inferno of creativity by resurrecting iconic tank models or forging your own demonic war machines. Confront a hellish array of challenges by adapting tanks with diabolical enhancements. Introduce devilishly powerful upgrade packs to keep your tank models ruling the infernal battlefields.

Malevolent Engineering Mastery:
Fine-tune each tank component with sinister modifications. Plunder the secrets of rival tank models to secure access to forbidden components, deploying dark arts and technologies from clandestine tank schools. Conjure up instruments of war that would make the underworld tremble.

Tank Sorcery Odyssey:
Embark on a sorcerous journey as a tank designer, weaving the destinies of five nations: USA, Britain, France, Germany, and Russia. Each nation’s arcane research trees, tank doctrines, and political rituals create diverse playstyles. Navigate your company through the mystic currents of conflicts and global sorceries.

Battlefield Witchcraft:
Gaze into the crystal ball of battlefields, witnessing the arcane performance of your tanks in major historical clashes and world wars. Decipher ancient battle reports to inform mystical design decisions. Choose between crafting a versatile warlock vehicle or tailoring tank models to specific realms of mystical warfare.

Dark Corporate Command
Seize control of various corporate realms, from the acquisition of forbidden resources to the dark arts of logistics and staff administration. Unleash a pandemonium of corporate advancements, from cursed building upgrades to nefarious trade agreements. Summon visionary sorcerers of the tank realm to lead different segments of your diabolical corporation.

Dive into the abyss of arms trade with “Tank Thunder,” where every choice resonates with the echoes of chaos, forging your path to become the supreme Arms Tycoon!

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