WITCHHAND Unleashed: Mystic Domination

Embark on a magical odyssey as the sorceress in “WitchHand,” leading your coven into uncharted realms with a dash of wicked allure.

Commandeer the arcane cards to erect and fortify your mystical empire. Forge alliances with neighboring covens or harness their remnants to stoke the flames of your potent spells. Gather your familiars; the bewitching hour is about to explode.

Strategically wield the cards to erect a dominion of sorcery. Optimize village production, deftly manage resources for upgrades, and expand your influence. Choose your focus – trade, alchemy, or war – to cement your coven’s supremacy within the Council of Fates, shaping the destiny of all. Forge alliances with neighboring covens for a prosperous future or annihilate them, using their bones as the fuel for your diabolical machinations. As the witching hour descends each night, your sorceress’s powers peak, amidst unseen forces conspiring against you. To withstand the impending darkness, elevate and administer your coven to unparalleled heights. No respite for the wicked.


Jon, a purveyor of comics and various jpgs across the internet, pivoted towards crafting video games in late 2020, armed with Gamemaker, birthing the enigmatic “WitchHand.”


Traverse the Ninth Realm, unveiling clandestine locales for your villages, essential components for your enchantments, and unraveling the mystery of the Ninth’s abrupt emergence.

Amplify your coven by erecting fresh villages, refining production, and engaging in sly commerce with local factions.

Exterminate the void’s grotesque aberrations, whose ceaseless assaults jeopardize your coven’s sacred mission.

Handpick the sorceress to lead your coven, each endowed with unique incantations and playstyles. Dazzle the Council of Fates, reaping the rewards of their potent blessings.

WITCHHAND is set to launch on Steam on February 7, 2024.

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